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Our Mission

The UN General Protocol for SDGs (UNGP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empower businesses and communities to commit to all 17 SDGs through evaluation, expert support, and education. We are dedicated to advancing sustainable development, fostering unbiased access to opportunities, and creating a better world for all.

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Our Legacy: The GREEN Project

Our roots can be traced back to the GREEN Project, an initiative founded by Professor Kelvin (Tak On) Chan at Korean Corner. Launched in 2015, the GREEN Project was a pioneer in implementing the SDGs. It gained international acclaim for its innovative approach to sustainability, including the creation of the world's largest paper sculpture using 100% recyclable paper.


The GREEN Project was recognized for its commitment to the SDGs, with its founder, Prof. Kelvin Chan, receiving numerous awards for his leadership. The project also established partnerships with several entities, including the United Nations, UNESCO, ILO, various governments, The Salvation Army, agnès b., and the I.T Group.


These partnerships were instrumental in promoting the SDGs and implementing sustainable practices across various sectors. From promoting sustainable fashion with agnès b. and the I.T Group to working with governments to foster innovation and facilitate fundraising for projects with environmental benefits, the GREEN Project left a lasting impact.


As the GREEN Project phases out, its legacy continues through UNGP. The mission of the GREEN Project aligns closely with the goals of UNGP, and we are committed to carrying forward its innovative approach to sustainability.


We are excited about the potential of this synergy and look forward to a future where sustainable development is the norm, not the exception.

Meet The Team

Our Partners and Supporters

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