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The UNGP Certification Program is not just a symbol, it's a commitment - a commitment to align your business operations with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With this certification, your company not only showcases its dedication to SDGs, it also becomes part of a dynamic and synergistic ecosystem of businesses contributing to a sustainable future.


Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each sector, we've designed an additional interactive tool to accompany our certification program. This tool features a comprehensive matrix of 100 different sectors and their corresponding SDGs.


With a simple click, businesses can select their specific sector out of the 100 available choices. The tool then dynamically displays the relevant SDGs, providing a tailored guide for your sustainability journey. Whether you're in healthcare, education, agriculture, technology, finance, or any other sector, this tool will illuminate the specific ways you can contribute meaningfully to the SDGs.


After becoming certified, your organization becomes an integral piece in a grand mosaic of companies, each making their unique contributions to the achievement of the SDGs. The UNGP certification and our interactive SDGs matrix tool are designed to catalyze action towards a more sustainable future, one sector at a time. We invite you to start your journey with us and discover the impact you can make with UNGP.

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