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UNGP's Certification Program

At UNGP, we believe in fostering a world that's actively working towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To manifest this vision, we've rolled out an exhaustive certification program that acknowledges and rewards businesses, organizations, and communities that have made strides in integrating SDGs into their operations and initiatives.


Our certification is not merely a seal of approval; it is a testament to an entity's commitment to a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world. It grants both a pledge to global progress and a distinct competitive edge in a marketplace that is increasingly value-conscious.


To make the certification process even more tailored and industry-specific, we offer the SDGs Sector Matrix, an interactive tool that allows you to identify which SDGs are most applicable to your sector. This targeted approach ensures that your efforts align closely with global needs, streamlining your journey towards certification.

The program involves a comprehensive evaluation process where we assess an entity's alignment with the SDGs. This includes scrutiny of operational methods, community impact, and overall sustainability initiatives. Entities that meet our rigorous criteria earn our esteemed certification, marking their significant role in driving global betterment.

The Certification Program is a cornerstone of our efforts to realize the SDGs. Here's why it is critical:


Promotes the SDGs

Our certification program motivates organizations to incorporate SDGs principles into their strategies and operations, spreading their reach and influence.

Fists in Solidarity

Strengthens Credibility

Our certification reinforces an organization’s credibility, assuring stakeholders of its genuine dedication to sustainable development.


Enhances Reputation

By achieving UNGP certification, businesses not only showcase their commitment to the SDGs, but also open doors to new business opportunities. An elevated reputation and bolstered stakeholder trust can catalyze partnerships, attract investment, and facilitate market expansion.



Our certification program provides a tangible benchmark, spurring continuous improvement and elevating sustainability standards across sectors.


Creates Synergic Effect

Certified organizations collectively amplify SDG achievements, fostering global sustainability. This synergy also enhances national recognition for commitment to the SDGs.

Successful Work Team

Recognition and Motivation

The certification serves as recognition of an organization's efforts and motivates others to follow suit, fostering a sustainable business ecosystem.

Through our certification program, UNGP aims to generate a ripple effect that propels more organizations to become part of the solution to global challenges, bringing us closer to the realization of the SDGs each day.

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