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Join UNGP's Virtual Food Drive in Collaboration with Markham Food Bank

🍽️ Feed a Soul for Just $11 a Day – A Gesture of Compassion This Easter

As we approach the season of renewal and hope, UNGP for SDGs, in partnership with the Markham Food Bank, invites you to make a difference. Inspired by a MoneySense report on Canada's grocery costs, we see that $11 can provide a day's worth of meals to someone in need.

Why $11?

In the spirit of Easter, your donation extends the hand of fellowship, ensuring that those facing food insecurity can enjoy nutritious meals. Every $11 helps fill this vital need with essential food items.

How You Can Help:

Visit following link to contribute:

Whether it's for a day, a week, or a month, every donation brings hope.Let's embody the Easter spirit of giving and renewal by ensuring no one is left hungry.

Act Now!!:

Our campaign concludes on March 27, a day before Good Friday, marking a time for compassion and care.

Your support this Easter can transform lives. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to a world without hunger.

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