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Deputy Director-General of UNGP for SDGs, focus on sustainability and global development initiatives.


Libra Yeung serves as the Deputy Director-General of the UN General Protocol for SDGs (UNGP). With a comprehensive background in the pharmaceutical industry and a strategic approach to sustainable development, Libra plays a pivotal role in guiding UNGP's mission and initiatives.

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Libra's Story

Before his tenure at UNGP, Libra held significant roles in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including Senior Quality Assurance Specialist at Sanofi Pasteur and Senior Consultant at PharmEng Technology. His experience in this sector has provided him with a unique perspective, enabling him to bridge the gap between regulated manufacturing and sustainable development efforts.


In his role at UNGP, Libra has been instrumental in shaping key strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) globally. He has overseen the establishment and management of UNGP offices worldwide, fostering a dedicated team committed to achieving these ambitious goals.


Libra provides consultation services to a diverse range of clients, including non-profit organizations, businesses, and communities, guiding them to align their strategies and operations with SDGs. His ability to integrate his pharmaceutical industry background with his passion for sustainable development has positioned him as a key figure in driving global change.


Libra's vision, dedication, and commitment to sustainability are integral to our organization as we strive to create a better world for all.


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