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Profile photo of UNGP's Director-General, embodying leadership and dedication to global sustainability goals.


Professor Kelvin (Tak On) Chan is the visionary Director-General of the UN General Protocol for SDGs (UNGP). With a distinguished career in academia and a deep passion for sustainable development, Professor Chan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization.

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Kelvin's Story

Before his role at UNGP, Professor Chan was instrumental in the success of the GREEN Project at Korean Corner. Under their leadership, the GREEN Project became a pioneer in implementing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), earning international acclaim for its innovative approach to sustainability.


Professor Chan's academic background and his hands-on experience with the GREEN Project have given him a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable development. His leadership is guided by a firm belief in the power of education, collaboration, and innovation to drive meaningful change.


At UNGP, Professor Chan continues to champion the SDGs, working tirelessly to empower businesses and communities to commit to sustainable practices. His vision, dedication, and expertise are invaluable assets to our organization as we strive to create a better world for all.


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